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Tischhalterung für zwei Monitore 13"-34" max 8 kg, Neigbar-schwenkbar, mit Drehfunktion, schwarz D208E

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About ONKRON D208E Black

height adjustable columns
75x75 - 100x100
height adjustable columns
Max Load
17.6 lb. x 2
height adjustable columns
SPCC steel
height adjustable columns
13" - 34"

The ONKRON D208E is a dual desktop monitor mount made of SPCC steel for flat and curved computer screens weighing up to 17.6 lb. with diagonals from 13" to 34". The mounting bracket is VESA compatible (75 mm x 75 mm minimum to 100 mm x 100 mm maximum) with most flat or curved monitors: LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, HD, 4K.

Without a doubt, among the advantages of ONKRON D208E monitor mount are modern design, high quality, and simplicity of use.
ONKRON desktop monitor mounts are designed to suit the highest quality of life.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Versatile VESA mount

Supports monitors with diagonal from 13” up to 34 inches.

Fits practically all modern screens - flat screen as well as curved monitors.

VESA mounting standards: 75x75, 100x100.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Reinforced VESA plate

The mount is made of high-quality SPCC steel and the VESA plate features reinforcement ribs which improves load capacity.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Use two monitors simultaneously

You can install two monitors onto the mount and be twice as productive! Or you can use it at the cash register and have one of the screens facing towards the customer, with the second screen (or tablet!) facing the cashier.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Tilt and swivel

The screens can be tilted -45° ~ +45° and swiveled up to 180°- reduce neck and eye strain by choosing the best viewing angle for your task! Also, do not forget about the rotation feature - installed screens can be rotated 360° into portrait mode and back.

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Two installation options

The mount can be installed using a C-clamp onto the edge of the desk or using a grommet mount base through the grommet hole. Compatible desktop thickness is 0.39"-3.46". The clamp is made of 5mm-thick (0.192") SPCC steel which will not bend even under enourmous weight! Max diameter of grommet hole is 2.36".

ONKRON TS1551 steel frame
Cable management

The mount is equipped with a holder clip to keep the cables organized and to attach the hex key.

VESA measurment




VESA ist der internationale Standard zur Befestigung von LCD/Plasma-Bildschirmen. Am VESA-Logo erkennen Sie auf einen Blick, ob ein Bildschirm mit dem VESA-Standard kompatibel ist – ein perfekter Halt ist somit immer garantiert.

Wenn Ihr Display VESA-kompatibel ist, lässt er sich an einer Monitorbefestigung anbringen. Achten Sie deshalb bei der Auswahl eines Monitors auf die VESA-Kompatibilität für eine einfache Befestigung.

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